Mission and Vision

Mission Statement: Providing exceptional sealing services through personal relationships.

Vision: At GOR Inc. we envision and implement a core value that you, our customer, comes first. By providing non-automated calling services, quick replies to emails, and overcoming challenges each day, our team hopes to provide you with the greatest gasket experience in the industry. As we strive to become better daily, and as we pursue greater expertise and qualifications, we hope to provide you that experience. We will not leave you behind on our journey for excellence, and we hope to ensure that your experience gets better every time you interact with us.


At GOR Inc. we strive to provide you, the customer, the greatest experience you can receive. It is important to remember that we still have ups and downs at GOR Inc., but each day we improve from mistakes by implementing better procedures for success, and by taking into serious consideration your input from your experiences with us.


As a young company with vast experience, we are implementing procedures, policies, and core workforce culture from many different fields of experience. This has been a great opportunity for GOR Inc. to consider not only our customers, but our employees. Our Employees lives are at the heart of our business, and we owe its progress and successful implementation of our mission to them. Click here to Meet our team.


At GOR Inc. we strive to create long lasting relationships with our vendors who daily strive to meet our needs. Our Vendor base is large and able to meet the needs of every one of our customers from hi-grade materials, to the basic types that you will need.

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