Get a Quote

To get a quote or for more information on whether we can do a project for you, please email Randy Wood at, or Traci VanHoof at with the following information:

  1. Name and contact info
  2. Subject Line: RFQ or Request for Quote
  3. Information Needed:
    • Gasket Material
    • Thickness
    • Drawings
    • Gaskets Dimensions
    • Quantity
    • any other applicable information you may have

Common reasons why you may not be hearing back for a RFQ:

  1. Your email was sent to a spam folder
  2. GOR Inc. is closed for the day, weekend, or Holiday (GOR Inc. is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, and for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other National Holidays)
  3. Randy may be out sick or away from his desk for the day on other assignments
  4. The Material that you requested may require more time to gather pricing for, as prices for special materials fluctuate quite frequently.

If you find that you have not received a RFQ response in a reasonable time, please give GOR Inc. a call to let us know that you have submitted an RFQ. We will update you on any of the above issues that may be affecting our responsiveness to your inquiry.

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