Our Warehouse is home to many types of equipment that will suit your sealing needs. With a CNC Knife Cutter, Water Jet, and more, we have to ability to perform the job you need done. See below to view our equipment, and more info will be coming soon about each. Feel free to contact us today for a quote or to learn more about our machine capabilities.

CNC Knife Cutter

Our CNC knife table is 5 feet wide and 10 feet long. We are currently in progress to receive another knife table on top of this one, and are ready to tackle heavy projects. Our knife table is able to cut most sizes of projects in a timely manner with great precision. Our Projects have ranged from 1 gasket to 100,000 plus or more. Follow the link below for a video of our knife table in action.

Water Jet

Our Water Jet, with a slower cut, is ready to cut metals and thicker material with great accuracy. This machine tackles the heavier duty materials, but can do the softest as well. Follow a link to a video of our Water Jet in action.

Press and Die Cutting

We have three man operated presses on site for a more old fashion way of cutting. Two of the presses are larger, and one is smaller. If you are in need of 1 or multiple gaskets cut in this way, we can do it. Follow the link below for a video of our presses in action.


Our Shop is equipped with 3 slitter’s for different jobs. Our slitter’s are man operated and can cut a variety of materials ranging up to one and a half inches thick. If you are looking for strips of material, give us a call and we will get to work on it. See below for more pictures and a video of our main slitter at work.

Table Work and Manufacturing Facility

At GOR, we have ample table space to deal with sheeting material and other special projects you have in mind. Pictured also is our main manufacturing facility. Located in the manufacturing facility is our Knife Table, Presses, 2 slitters, die racks, and again ample table space stretching over 50 feet long for large projects.

Give us a call today to get a quote and let us put our table space to work for your sealing and sheeting needs.

More – We will find a way to do it

At GOR Inc., we have many ways that we can suit your needs. Not all our machinery is presented here. At GOR Inc. we strive and are successful at solving solutions to even the most difficult of challenges. It is our goal and our duty to meet your needs in any way possible. Please give a call or email today to see if we can help you, and see below for a few more pictures of our machinery that can be used for your benefit.