Water Jet

Our Water Jet is ready for any project you have in mind. We offer Competitive cutting speeds and precision, while cutting through metals, composites, glass, plastics, foams, rubbers, etc.. After leaving behind a satin smooth edge, our environmentally friendly (low power and low water consumption) water jet can cut up to 550in (12,700mm)/ Min with a Linear Positional Accuracy of +/- 0.0030in (.0762mm) and  is repeatable at +/- 0.0010in (0.0254mm). The size of the table allows for cut projects in the size of 10ft by 6.5ft, and heights up to 4 inches (3048mm x 2007mm x 305mm). In the video below you will witness it cutting 1/8# thick brass with precision, creating a flawless cut all around.

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