Compressed Sheets

We deal with many different kinds of compressed sheets: Black Gold, Durlon, Garlock, NA-60, and more. Whether you need sheets, gaskets, or are in the mode of testing different products, we can suit your needs. See below for pictures, sizes, and more on our compressed sheets. See below for more information.

Our sizes range from 1/64″ thick, and can go up to the size that you need. Our sheets come in the simple forms above and can also be compressed in other materials, such as graphite. Whatever brand of compressed sheet you are looking for, let us know. Our Water Jet, Knife Cutter, and presses are able to handle your request.

When deciding to choose between a compressed sheet or elastomer, please consult either with your technician or give us a call today so that we can guide you in the process. Compressed sheets do not replace all sealing applications. However, they can be used for a lot of them, so please give us a call today to learn more.

See below for a link to our official Technical Documents to learn more about how compressed sheets can meet your needs.

(Technical Documents are coming soon)